Tantra Massage Amsterdam



For our clients who want to experience a profound shift in their energy and being, we offer a package of 3 sessions of 1,5h plus personal advice, guidance and evaluation during the process –  850 Euro

What is tantric massage and what it is not?

Tantra Massage Amsterdam

Our healing tantra sessions at HEALING TEMPLE AMSTERDAM are a very deep and conscious breath and bodywork. The purpose of the sessions is to harmoniously open the body and energy channels. It helps to activate life force energy, unfreeze softness and compassion in the body and mind. According to tantra there are so called 5 afflictive emotions. The task of tantric practice is to transform them into enlightened energies. The word “tantra” means transformation, which allows to transform not wanted parts of ourselves into our supporters.

Please note that we are not providing fun experiences, but our services are directed to individuals who want to evolve, heal and become more whole and integrated beings. If you are coming to us with those topics, then you are in the right place.

Our mission

Our mission is to restore broken balance and heal traumas. We are nurturing energetic holes in the energy body to bring light in the age of the toxic culture.

In our offer we have deep transformational sessions to deal with negative emotions. This healing modality helps to bring more compassion through opening the wounded and hurt heart. In fact it is the gate to the higher dimensions.

Our method is very harmonious unlike other tantras. We are not supporting fire outburst and disharmony. We are here to support harmonious processing. Instead of pushing the healing process we are rather assistants in the journey by awakened presence and compassionate heart.

In our work we use soft approach connected with the heart and honouring our emotional body. In our sessions you stay in the underwear or stay fully clothed – this is up to your choice. The main purpose of a real tantric session is healing and transformation, in our eyes nakedness can lead or to feeling unsafe or direct the energy into erotic energy, which leads to confusion and is simply contra productive.

Through the tantra massage practice you can get to your core through reconnecting with yourself, your emotions and experience healing.

For whom tantra massage Amsterdam?

The sessions we offer at HEALING TEMPLE AMSTERDAM reconnect and root deeply in the body, through a process of unwanted parts integration, processing emotional blockages and invite us to the dimension of embodied spirituality. Each session involves meditation techniques, breath techniques as well as grounding deep touch in combination with soft de-armouring techniques. Please note the technique is called “massage” but in fact has little to do with an ordinary massage practice. Healing modality or session is the correct term to use.
Our offer unique, as our tantra practitioners have finished many trainings, have more than 10 years of experience in the field and are following buddhist tantric teachings and path. We are Zen meditation practitioners and Vajrayana Buddhist adepts.

The scope of a Tantra massage Amsterdam is to connect to dissolve obstacles, which do not allow us to connect to the blissful body. Because of high cleansing abilities our sessions allow our clients to revitalize, to higher the energy and to come to a state of deep relaxation and surrender to life!