★ Tantra Massage Amsterdam ★

We are open every day from 10AM till 8PM.
AMSTERDAM Vondelpark

Just 10 minutes from Schiphol airport!

+31 629 8888 07

Special offer!

For our clients who plan to come more often a package of 3 massages “Senses Wide Open” in a special price 400Euro (you save 50Euro).

What is tantric massage?

Tantra Massage Amsterdam. Tantric massage is a very deep and conscious Temple Arts body work, which harmoniously opens the body and energy channels to feel more bliss and vital power in each cell. In the session it is about awakening vitality and blissfulness in the body and mind – to experience freedom and natural state of relaxing awareness. According to Tantra sexual energy and body itself are both sacred and treated with highest respect, the body itself is called as a vehicle to the enlighten state of mind and a tantric massage is given to you as to a God or a Goddess.

Through the tantra massage practice you can get to know yourself better about who you really are and to learn how to use your vital energy in daily life to be the best version of yourself and to manifest your full potential.