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For our clients who want to experience a profound shift in their energy and being, we offer a package of 3 sessions “Senses Wide Open” in a special price of 600 Euro (instead of 660 Euro)

What is tantric massage?

Tantra Massage Amsterdam. Tantric massage is a very deep and conscious Temple Arts breath and bodywork, which harmoniously opens the body and energy channels to feel more vital power and softness in each cell of the body. According to tantra so called afflictive emotions can be transformed into blissfulness. That is right tantra is the art of transformation, which allows to transform not wanted parts of ourselves into our best friends.
In our sessions we work with Kundalini energy, mystical and primal power hidden in our bodies. Most of population do not have access to Kundalini, living in disconnection from the life source itself and essential nectar of the life force energy. This is of course very sad.

Through the tantra massage practice you can get to your core through reconnecting with your center and to learn how to use your life force energy in daily life allowing to be the best version of yourself and to manifest full potential.

The sessions we offer reconnect and root deeply in the body, through a process of unwanted parts integration, processing emotional blockages and invite us to the dimension of embodied spirituality. Each session involves meditation techniques, breath techniques as well as grounding deep touch in combination with de-armouring techniques.
Tantric massage is a powerful instrument to heal, rejuvenate and revitalize. It is an advanced technique because it involves the body, heart and consciousness levels all at once. This makes our offer unique, as our tantric healers are very well educated and certified. A must in the art of professional tantric session is a daily practice of some meditation technique.
The scope of a Tantra massage is to connect to dissolve obstacles, which do not allow us to connect to the blissful body. Because of high cleansing abilities our sessions allow our clients to revitalize, to higher the energy and to come to a state of deep relaxation that was blocked before. Here in Tantra Massage Amsterdam Karuna Temple Arts, we offer the space were you can surrender and discover your true blissful nature!