Yoni massage – what are the benefits?

In Tantra the sanskrit word yoni is symbolizing the female intimate area. Yoni massage is a healing experience. The aim of tantric ritual honoring yoni is experiencing sacredness of the body and as an effect a deep healing can occur. We all miss sacredness not only in approach to the material but in general we might miss the sacredness of life itself. Everyday stress, old programming and habitual behaviour holds us back from the dimention of sacred sexuality and sacred living. Both are expression of sacred femininity also named as divine feminine.

Yoni massage – releasing blockages

As a woman it is very important to release old programming and traumas stored in the yoni area and reconnect to the the true power within, which core lies in empowered femininine. Many woman are not conscious of that energetic blockages in yoni and also in the whole body can very much influence our every day life – not mentioning the sexuality and pleasure areas. Simply it happens because fears and traumas stored in this area give direction for our choices and desicions. That is why healing the yoni can be a road to freedom from the old conditioning, self-confidence and empowerement.

Yoni massage – connecting to personal power

Guilt and shame around sexuality or about being a sexual being are a common issue for a lot of women. It is important to know that being ashamed of our own sexuality does influence our inner power – first step to personal power lies in owning our sexuality. In order to do so not only a desicion of taking back the power is necessary, but also it requieres a sexual healing. Yoni energetically functions as a sponge, it accumulates and takes in the energy – already from the very childhood it records all the negative experiences, energies and emotions. In the Yoni massage sessions we de-armour and heal everything which blocks our sexual energy. It is a conscious bodywork with application of special breathing techniques.

Tantric yoni massage – honouring and compassion

We perform tantric yoni massage in order to heal old woundings and release energetic blockages. It is a ritual of honouring and compassion – there is no pushing and rushing, the energy is soft, harmonious and present. The masseur is a space holder for personal process and energy.