What to do in Amsterdam | Spiritual Quest

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is a very lovely city to visit. Usually people love this place, because it offers beauty, variety and freedom.

Spiritual healing in Amsterdam

There are plenty of websites where you can find touristic routes and places to visit. This article is not about that. It is written for people who are travelling with a spiritual quest. Sometimes we travell in search for ourselves or in a transition period, where we are doubting our future and we want to close the past chapters. Maybe in this moments we would like to reach out for support and spiritual healing.

Travelling as a Spiritual Quest

A lot of times travelling is connected to our deeper need of understanding. A lot of times we unconciously travel, because we miss a connection within. Personally I travelled a lot in order to fill in the inner emptiness. Of course I had fun time, but there was always a feeling that other cities make me happier. Everything changed when I started combine travelling with spirituality. Going to a retreat or workshop for example, when I could connect with same thinking people was a much more fulfilling experience. Same was for meditation courses. I started to travel to get more inner connection with myself. And I noticed there are all over the world people on travell in search for themselves.

Buddhist point of view

In buddhism they say you should always search inside and that is very reasonable. However to find our heart desire, our true nature, our inner self (however we call it) sometimes we travell to India, Bali, Thailand, Nepal, to a very far away places. Even if what we search is only findable inside of our mind, we can find tools and teachings leading to it in the outside world.

We are all searching

We noticed that a lot of times travellers come to us, that is why we write this article. Travellers are usually searching for a new way, for more freedom, to recover from some loss or trauma. They come in a crucial moment in their life, when transition occurs, or when the old wants to die. There are also people who find themselves not free enough in their community. They are reaching out for finding spirituality and inner freedom. Visiting a new contry a lot of times can lead to spiritual understanding.

Amsterdam Tantra Tempel

We offer healing sessions and tantra sessions, which are suitable for people in seach of transformation, healing or energetic bodywork. Especially the energy is very beneficial to heal old patterns and release old memories from our aura. Sometimes there are moments when we feel it is time for change and we do not know how to do it. Often we than travel in search of the answer. When going to another city sometimes it can be helpful to give yourself a moment of inner silence. It is a beautiful gift of experiencing someone elses loving and healing presence. It gives the possibility to reconnect with the inner wisdom and is an act of self compassion. Our tantra temple is located in Amsterdam.