Trauma Healing Amsterdam

“The Wisdom of Trauma” – a movie of dr Gabor Mate is incredibly useful in sense of aligning science with alternative spiritual knowledge. Doctor Gabor noticed a relationship between trauma and illnesses as well as addictive behaviors. 

This movie is changing the view on many issues experienced by human beings. For any addictive behavior or illness there is a traumatic event in the past which caused it. The event which happend in our childhood and caused damage to our emotional system. Unprocessed pain is blocking the healthy individual to express his or her healthy and joyful self. 

Mother space and compassionate container

The key to liberate unprocessed trauma is a safe and compassionate container. In our sessions we are offering the space where we are holding space for pain of the past experiences to process any painful memory there is. Heartfelt motivation and so called “mother space” is essential to embrace the hurt and damage of a broken heart.

The beauty of the trauma is that it can transform into a most powerful medicine. Trauma is a condensed tension in the body. Through processing the tension we can finally access our full potential. We can access our life force again. That is a very grounding experience, the experience of finally being welcomed on earth and finally landing.

The healing modality we offer combines bodywork with consciousness. That is why before the session there is a thorough analysis of when the pain started. The analysis is again not just mind related – it is feeling related, the reconnection with sensations is essential. We touch the pain and look at it, awaken it already before the session. Preparation is very important.

The origins of the trauma

Trauma does not have to arise from a traumatic experience of a natural disaster or war. It can be just as simple as our parents not being able to hold space for our emotions. As children we need to have an example and support in dealing with strong emotions. As every human being we want to be held if we are feeling hurt. If the child dies not feel safe of expressing, there happens a profound disconnection. A part of the being is shut down. 

Also when a child is left alone with no tools of how to go through emotional states those emotions will be suppressed. Depending on what emotion was suppressed, there are all kind of mental diseases formed like depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence, addictions etc. The trauma healing bodywork allows with the power of connective breathing access frozen areas of ourselves, to connect to them and release (literally we hold all of our luggage in the body in a form of tensed contracted sensations). 

Often we do not even know that life could be different if we would release the suppressed emotional luggage.

Trauma healing solutions

Fortunately there are different trauma healing methods to access our full potential and heal traumatic painful experiences from the past. In our experience the root of the problem is always mind-body related. We both went through our own healing and developed this method through years of practice with our clients as well as through participation in diverse workshops and healing modalities. We find breathwork, bodywork and mind-body related therapies very efficient for a range of different mental and psychological issues. As body and mind are related, it can affect health in a positive way. Via this type of therapy there is a chance to transform pain into supportive life force energy.