Tantric Healing: what is a healing session ?

Tantric Healing includes word Tantra, so first let us take a quick look at it. Tantra is a path of liberation and transformation using the sexual energy as the most powerful resourse in the human body. Tantra is not about sex. What we need to understand is that sexual energy is something much broader in Tantra than feeling sexual arousal. The big confusion about Tantra is that there are too many people pretending practicing this art without the education. What we need to know is that there are many years of education needed in order to give a good healing or tantra session to the client. We know a lot of professionals and very good tantric healers and practitioners, but all of them have at least 4 years of education and self development performed on the tantric path.

The path of Tantra

The real path of tantra is a path where you must encounter everything which tackles and blocks you – a big part of it is going into personal process of growth through deep shadow work. A healer in the tantric field of work becomes via this way pure of energy, strong, grounded and well mastered. The path of tantra isĀ about releasing the energy in our body through breathing techniques combined with the work performed on the consioussness level.

What is a Tantric Healing?

In our work two types of session are offered: tantra massage and tantric healing. Both have healing effects because we work with Kundalini Shakti energy, which has healing powers. However tantric massage has actually not a healing purpose – it’s purpose is to load the whole body with vital energy and rejuvenate every cell; as an effect it calms down the mind and thougts and the clients often experience a state of bliss.

The purpose of tantric healing is actually healing and transformation of our hidden parts. For the healing session the strong healing intention is used to direct the energy. There is sound and vibration of the voice activated to impact the energetic body. During the healing session you can experience physical and emotional pain: this is completely normal because the body is holding all the stored traumas and emotions we’ve collected during this lifetime. After the release we feel lighter and more grounded, we regain usually quite a big amount of blocked energy, which we did not have access to before. This feels very good, because the more energy we integrate the more powerful and confident we feel. With every step on the path of healing we become more liberated and whole as a being.