Frequently Asked Questions

Is tantric massage an erotic service?

No, tantric massage is not an erotic massage. Unfortunately nowadays a lot of erotic services call their offer “tantra” or “tantric” because it might sound more sophisticated or esoteric. That of course causes a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of what tantra really is.

It is very important to us that our clients understand the purpose of our service. As we offer an authentic tantric conscious bodywork rooted in awareness and healing arts. Tantra works with life force energy called Shakti – the energy of vitality, aliveness, passion. We do not work with ordinary erotic energy in our sessions.

What is tantric massage and life force energy?

Tantric massage is a technique to awaken life force energy / Shakti and to load up the body with vital energy. It is important to know that most people (around 99% of population) do not have access to that energy at all. Usually it is stuck in the pelvic floor and never is accessed fully. In its blocked state it creates confusion, stickiness, urge and problems, as desire takes over our life. Other version is that we feel no life force energy at all, we feel depressed and low on energy.

Tantric massage awakens life force energy and next moves it through the whole body. After it is released, it starts to move through the body up to the heart, liberating the obstacles on its way. As a result the energy of lust is transformed into bliss and we finally can experience a great amount of peace and concentration, which in the essence of our true nature.

Our offer is unique. What distinguishes us?

We are both adepts of traditional Vajrayana Tantra path, we have years of education and completed numerous self-development retreats as well as tantric massage trainings, we are regularly attending meditation retreats in Buddhist Zen tradition.

Experience, professionality and education are the foundation in Tantric Healing Amsterdam Temple. We specialize in meditation, breathing practices, matriarchy temple arts practices and inner tantric yoga.

Why the masseurs are dressed during tantric massage?

Our masseuses and masseurs perform the tantric massage in a pareo/sarong. In order to not redirect the client attention toward erotic massage our practitioners wear sarong. This allows the reciever to be fully concentrated on his/her experience.

What is a healing session?

The purpose of healing session is to release painful memories from the body and DNA to experience profound transformation and healing.

A healing session is not a tantric massage as it’s aim is the energy cleansing and releasing obstacles. There is little concentration on massage techniques, we use voice, conscious breath, trigger points, de-armouring and vibration to liberate old memories from the body vessel.

How can I feel after a healing session?

Up to several days after a healing session may happen different emotions, such as: anger, sadness as well as relief, joy and peace. It’s also possible to experience different reactions of the body such as: little physical pain in different points of the body where the emotions were stored, like belly area, solar plexus or rib cage. Observe yourself and the reaction of other people on your person after healing. Usually they will notice a shift in your energy.

Often after a session you can feel immediately much better, in bliss – as if a big load was dropped from the body. Because that’s what actually has happened.

How many sessions do I need to feel the difference?

No matter if you choose for a tantric massage or a healing session usually a person needs minimum 3 sessions to feel profound transformational results.

How will I feel after a Tantric Massage Session?

Most people after a tantric massage session feel more relaxed, light, as if something heavy fell down of them. You can feel that the fatigue and tiredness that always accompanied you, disappears, and in its place comes in positive energy for action. You can feel more love and satisfaction from life.

After a session, family, friends and acquaintances may state that something changed in you, for example that you emanate peace, goodness, sensitivity, or that you are more self confident and have more power.

Do I receive the session naked?

We respect your boundaries, so it is fully up to you. In tantric massage the main purpose of nakedness is that it allows you to connect to your vulnerability and sensitivity, as well as a very practical reason – the massage technique is a dance of movements from the feet to the head.

It is important to know that in Tantra there are no musts, as your boundaries are the most crucial so that you can fully relax, so the most important is respecting what you feel is right for you in the moment.

If you do not want to receive the session in nakedness please inform us before the session.

Can I receive a tantric healing while clothed?

Of course if you feel more comfrotable you can recieve a tantric healing and keeping your clothes on.

Is there an orgasm during the massage?

No. Tantric massage helps you to awaken your ecstatic and blissful nature. However it is more a side effect of the session, which you later experience in life, than a goal of tantric session itself. In fact tantric massage has no stimulation and erotic nature at all.

Are there any age restrictions in order to receive a tantric massage?

Yes. You should be at least 18 years old.

What is the duration of a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is from 1,5h to 2 hours long. You can choose the length of your session when filling out the booking form.

How can I prepare for a Tantra massage?

Please reserve 30 minutes of additional time for an introduction talk

Please take shower, as there is no shower in the Temple

We suggest not to drink alcohol few days before the massage

We suggest not to smoke at least several hours before the massage

If possible, try to reduce meat and junk food consumption before the massage

Be happy and in a good mood

Where do the tantric massage sessions take place?

The massages are done in Zaandijk – just 15 minutes from centre of Amsterdam. The Temple is situated in a beautiful private house with garden. The Temple space is solely used for tantric massages and spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga. The massage is done on a comfortable mattress on the floor.

Can I take a shower at Tantric Healing Amsterdam?

There is no shower in the Temple, that is why please take shower at home before the visit. We use 100% pure natural organic coconut oil that will keep nourishing your skin after the session.

Should I bring anything with me?

If you have a pareo/sarong you like, you can bring that with you. Also a big towel if you like (please note that in the pareo/sarong and towel there could be oil stains after massage). If not, no worries, we have everything needed.

Payment method?

Payment by card (provision 3% if the card was not issued in Holland).

What kind of oil do you use?

Tantric Healing Amsterdam uses 100% pure organic coconut or almond oil.

How to book a massage?

Please fill in the Tantric Healing Amsterdam booking form in our website: We will get in contact with you within 24h in order to arrange the exact date for the massage session or healing session.