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Tantra workshop for couples

Learn together with your partner a beautiful temple arts tantric bodywork ritual for couples. You will learn a new more satisfying dimention of relating and intimacy between you and your partner.

Couples tantric session – Senses Wide Open

Couples tantra massage is a unique experience for you and your beloved one. It is an temple arts ritual to feel fresh connection and openness again.

Senses Wide Open

Profound Temple Arts technique for life force energy activation and bringing back the quality of inner softness. Transformation of blocked emotions and reconnection with softness of the heart! The session is a combination of breath and bodywork.

Fire Snake Transformation

Awaken the Kundalini Shakti ecstatic energy and transform the shadow. This is a very healing experience for advanced practitioners, who have experience in meditation and breathwork.

Kama Marma Cleansing

Unblock your life force energy in the body through an ancient Ayurveda knowledge and Marma points pressure! Deep tissue touch and pressure points to unblock stuck energy in this profound tantric bodywork session.

Tantric healing session

Tantric bodywork healing session is a deep transformational session! It is concentrated on releasing obstacles but in a soft and harmonious manner. Great choice if you feel ready to release not serving anymore patterns, healing wounds, establishing personal power.

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