Tantra massage, what is it?

Tantra massage is a deep spiritual practice, which comes from the Matriarchy times, when the female energy and female essence were sacred.

The aim of a tantric / tantra massage is to connect to bliss energy and to experience high vibrations being in the body. Sexual energy in tantra is something much broader than arousal and pleasure – it’s our vital energy which is in every cell of the body. Tantric massage actually awakens this vital energy called also Shakti and makes it run in the body. The aim of this massage is to charge with vital energy and unblock it, so that we feel better and stronger in our everyday lives.

It is a divine practice for those who search for recharge of the battery but also for those who want to maintain their “good vibes” energy in the good shape. Tantra massage is very beneficial if we want to improve the quality of our life, feel stronger, more confident, relaxed and centered. Also when we feel a lot of stress, Shakti energy releases the tension but in a subtle way, so after massage you feel very relaxed as the tone of heavy stones fell from your shoulders.

For whom does tantra massage is?

As mentioned before tantra massage has many beautiful advantages, that is why it is good for every adult person. The age also doesn’t matter – all people are welcome to experience this wonderful practice and its benefits.

Is tantric massage the same as erotic massage?

In an erotic massage the concentration is on the pleasure and releasing the tension through the genital orgasm, in tantra massage we load the body with the energy and keep it there to work for our benefit. The sexual energy circulating inside the body rejuvenates our internal organs, skin, nourishes our inner space and gives us the energy to be powerful authentic beings. Of course there is no genital orgasm as in the erotic massage, because we want to maintain the energy. After erotic massage we feel release of stress and tension but we also release our vital energy, which actually can’t be recovered. Here we come to another great advantage of a tantra massage – it keeps you young and vital through the time.

So what are the advantages of tantra massage?

As already told tantra massage helps to achieve bliss state in the body. Easy to say but not so easy to do. It needs a very experienced massage practitioner to be able transmit it to the person receiving the massage, that is why only highly qualified people who practice tantra and meditation daily can offer this kind of service.

In the world where people are mostly interested in external life and do not reach for the inner hidden knowledge, happiness and wisdom, tantric massage is a beautiful tool to get to know yourself better. During one session you can be amazed with the experience of your inner self and who you really are.

It is also known how stress it damaging for the body. Our tantra massage helps to release stress and tension. The art of tantric touch from the heart level allows to heal and transform the energies which do not serve you or make you feel bad. Tantric massage is about transforming lower vibrations into higher in order to liberate from bad emotions and feelings on the deepest level. This can be done also only by the tantra massage practitioner who has made a lot of work and transformation on personal level.

Meditation and work with intention in tantra massage

It is extremely important for us to share beautiful benefits of tantra massage with as much people as possible in order to make this world better and more heart full loving place.

Sexual / vital or erotic energy is very precious resource in our bodies, which is awakened and raised, afterwards circulated during the tantra massage session. As we all know the energy likes to have a direction, this is why we highly recommend to use your energy for your benefit – it can be an intention to feel calmer, happier, anything which you feel you require in this particular moment.

Why there is no interaction during the real tantra massage?

During the real tantra massage you surrender to the experience but symbolically also to life. Surrendering is something which is very difficult to do for many people that is because we have so much of inner and outer control developed. This is the way of losing control and learning how to be flexible and joyful in each experience. Of course if you really surrender there is no interaction but more diving even deeper into your feelings, experience and emotions.

The more you connect to yourself during the massage the more transformation can happen. It is not about the connection with the masseur, the masseur is only the one with experience and the one who provides the right environment for your transformation, so you can have the best possible experience and your intentions can come to reality.

Why there is no ejaculation in tantra massage?

We get this question very often, because there is so much confusion about what tantric massage is and the term “tantra” itself is misused too many times in television, internet or by the salons offering erotic services under the name of tantra.

The aim of tantra massage is to transform, heal and take great benefits from learning how to use your sexual/vital energy to create abundant life, but also develop your inner self and grow spiritually. The sexual energy is a racket fuel in our bodies, using which we can be more powerful beings growing from the energetic perspective.

That is why in tantra massage there is no ejaculation – ejaculation is a way of releasing the energy from the body and actually want to keep it and the masseuress or masseur will help you instead to circulate this energy in the body.

Thanks to experienced masseur practitioners you will get to know the new higher levels of erotic and sexual energy, which you maybe never experienced before. This is the point where the real magic begins.