Tantra massage workshop for couples

Tantra massage wokshop. We offer a beautiful workshop as a gift to your beloved one or anniversary gift. After one weekend of a full training of 8 hours per day, you will be able to perform a basic technique of tantra massage in couple. The tantra massage workshop will give you an amazing possibility to create the ritual in your home to keep the fire of your union always burning.


Tantra massage workshop for couples

Tantra massage is a sacred technique of connecting on a deep level and getting to know each other more profound. It allows to open up for more love to yourself and to your partner. It is an ancient technique from the matriarchy times which involves the sacred touch, as well as work with the sacred vital energy. We teach how to activate Kundalini Shakti and how to work with it. The massage is performed an a deep meditative state and is given from the level of the heart.

The workshop we offer is unique in each way, because it is performed in a save space in a private atmosphere for only one couple, you will learn basics of clear communication and how to connect to each other on different chakra levels. There is a clear structure of the tantra massage workshop. The program includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical exercise.


You will learn:

  • Theory about tantra massage and energetic work
  • Meditation technique and energetic connection before the tantra massage ritual
  • Working with intention
  • The massage technique
  • Kundalini Shakti fire breathing technique
  • How to perform work with vital / sexual energy


What makes our offer unique:

  • Clear down to earth structure of how to work with the body and energy
  • We are also a couple that is why we love to work with couples to refresh their union or to connect on even deeper levels making the union stronger. We also understand the importance and uniqueness of your connection with each other
  • Heartful and authentic atmosphere bringing you back to your power – our teachings are more a set of tools which are give to you and you are the one to decide whether to use them or not
  • A real tantra massage technique from anxcient Matriarchy times – you will learn original temple arts technique (not modern version of Tantra but authentic Tantric ritual)

The price for a 2 days workshop /16h: 750Euro for a couple


Beside of the workshop we also offer a beautiful ritual of tantra massage for couples working with your intention as a couple.

The price of a couples tantra massage 1,5h: 280Euro. Book a session NOW!