Sexual energy in tantra – what does it mean?

Sexual energy in tantra is something much broader than usually understood in society. Also called as vital energy or Shakti it is a multivibrational energy being a fuel for our daily lives. We are born from sexual energy and we die because getting out of our main resource. Unfortunately we have a limited amount for a lifetime, that is why tantric practitioners know the value of sexual energy and even have discovered techniques to keep a high level of vital energy in order to keep body, mind and spirit strong and healthy.

Is arousal the same as sexual energy?

Sexual arousal is part of sexual energy but is a very limited understanding of sexual energy. It is definitely not what tantric practitioners understand as vital energy, because pleasure is only a small part of the whole picture. Actually it’s like a side effect of sexual energy moving and flowing. Shakti actually has many aspects it can be soft, fiery or wild and strong. But feeling Shakti flowing through the body when it’s fully awaken means also feeling deeply each cell of ourselves. Sexual energy rises from two opposite polarities – plus and minus, feminine and masculine. So even saying that Shakti is sexual energy is also not the precise term, because sexual energy arises from two Shiva, who holds the space and Shakti who dances in fire. If we want to be really precise of what sexual energy means, than we would say Shakti and Shiva together in pair create the vital energy. However in western tantra the term Shakti is used as a synonym for vital energy. The bigger lap between two polarities the more tension is created, which means stronger energy field is build. So lucky you if you have this kind of body and energy structure.

How tantra massage works with sexual energy?

The fact that sexual energy is the strongest energy we own must give a lot to think about. If this is our main resource, which is quite limited, how you treat it? Do you nourish and care for this resource? Do you develop, make it grow, to make it serve you, or you just keep it like it is.

The thing is that you can influence a lot in your life and even manifest it using this energy. This is actually a racket fuel for spiritual growth in tantra. Of course it can be also used for healing and material purposes. Did you know that everything which is material is actually a physical manifestation of Shakti? And all you own is a physical manifestation of precisely your Shakti? Do you like what surrounds you, because you were the creator of course?

Awakening sexual energy

Coming back to tantra massage the main aim of it is to awaken sexual energy in the whole body. Once awakened you can start releasing all hidden resources you have – believe me, the potential hidden in each millimeter of our cells is quite impressive.

Awakening sexual energy is directly connected to coming back to power upon your life. It’s like wish fulfilling Gennie bottle, which of course needs a good teacher from whom to learn and to know how to use it.

Circulating the energy

Second thing you will learn in tantra massage is how to circulate the energy or your inner fire in the organism. Once you integrate this quality thanks to the practice you will be always full of joy and aliveness.

Working with intention

We always work with intention here. Which helps to get the energy in the right direction and to use it consciously for your benefit. Of course we teach the technique how to do it in safe and correct way.

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