Sacred sexuality and Neotantrism vs. Tantra

There is so much of misunderstanding around the topic of sacred sexuality and Tantra, that we have decided to bring some light to it. Tantra massage and sacred sexuality is not the same as traditional Tantra path from India and Tibet.

Tantra is the path of transformation of desire into pure wisdom and achieving this way liberation or enlightenment.

Traditional Tantra path

We are tantra massage practitioners and we practice traditional Tantra buddhist path. That is why we are able to exactly explain how the traditional practices looks like. Here you can read an article about Misundersatndings about traditional path.
So first of all the practices are most about visualization and reciting mantras in Tibetan language. Sex is definitely not a part of the traditional practices. So why is tantra associated with sex in society?

3 types of tantra massages

First of all becuase of all the confusion. There are three types of tantric massage which you can find on the market. Erotic massage – offered as tantra massage but has nothing to do with it. Sexual healing sessions – tantra massage from neotantra movement of sacred sexuality. Temple arts massage – ancient technique concentrated on Shakti concept, awakening Kundalini Shakti, directing the energy with intention. Let me now explain main qualities of both schools.

Neotantra – what is sacred sexuality?

Not so long time ago there was a movement initiated of so called Neotantra mainly in America and Europe. The neotantric movement is based on open sexuality, sacred sexuality and sexual healing. It is worth to not underestimate the work in this field, as it is very beneficial for people who need to work with their sexuality and have sexual issues. This movement offers sexual healing sessions called also tantric massage. It is worth to know before you go to a session What to expect in a professional session.
There are different types of tantra massage as said before depending on the school some are concentrated more or less on sacred sexuality aspect and only some work on a deeper energy level.
We have experienced different techniques of tantra massage and we found the most authentic and powerful technique rooted in ancietn tradition. This technique we offer to our clients and which is definately most aligned with traditional tibetan tantra wisdom.

Temple Arts – sacred transformational body work

The technique we use comes from Temple Arts performed in Matriarchy times approximately 8000 years ago in the temples – sacred places where the sexual energy or Kundalini Shakti was honored accordingly. It is deep transformative body work which brings sexual healing and inclueds concept of sacred sexuality but is not concentrated on the healing itself. Transformation, empowerment and freedom are the main scope of Temple Arts massage. This technique is concentrated on awakening Shakti (vital energy) in the body of the receiver. Here you can information of How to find a real tantric massage practitioner.

Kundalini Shakti and Divine feminie

The concept has to deal with awakening Divine feminine energy in ourselves – feminine qualities like heart, sensitivity but also lust, fierce, desire and fire. We all have potential to awaken Kundalini Shakti in our body – the source of unlimited energy in the universe. The benefits of that are countless from releasing heaviness, negative emotions, as well as personal growth and development. Sexual energy in this sense has much broader meaning than lust – it includes it in fact. However Kundalini Shakti feels often as a stream of electricity moving through our body, which is not comparable with anything else if we did not experience this feeling before. Of course energy is a source of a great power and that is why the energy in the session is directed with intention for the benefit of all sentient beings.
The massage from Temple Arts perspective is something very special and sacred.