Senses Wide Open Massage

Sensual massage is a deep Temple Art technique as a great gift for your body and soul. Let yourself experience blissful and high vibrational sexual energy!

Sensual massage is a perfect technique to open up and start your experience with Tantra and tantric massage. As well it’s good for people who already are experienced in Tantra and body work. Senses Wide Open massage is especially developed to awaken fire essence Shakti energy in the body and to experience high vibrational bliss energy.

Feminine and Masculine energy dance

Sensual massage is a whole body tantric massage. It works deeply with feminine and masculine energies to unite them and balance. This helps to experience deep relaxation of mind, body and soul. This sacred dance of Shiva and Shakti allows you to get to know yourself better on deeper energetic levels, to nourish your energetic bodies as well as the physical body. This technique is highly recommended to purify your mind and release stress from a day to day life.

What does sexual energy means in Tantra?

We are working with a life force energy, which most of us do not have access to. In our every day life we are usually scope oriented and basically we perform in our masculine energy. Tantra is about the Divine Feminine, Tantra is about Shakti. Shakti is the life force  we want to reconnect to. The reasons are many РShakti is a powerful fuel, which can mesmerize a lot of beautiful things into your life. It is the energy of healing, transformation and manifestation. Once you reconnect with your own Shakti you are more powerful, joyful, abundant and vital being. So yes, this is what we call in Tantra sexual energy. It is about finding all you need inside of yourself. In this beautiful massage you have a chance to reconnect to your inner Shakti, your inner source of unlimited power.

Sensual massage from the level of heart

Senses Wide Open nourishes with a delicate heart full touch. It also includes soft fiery energy from the lower chakras. Please note that our tantric massage is rather opening and relaxing experience through energetic bodywork, we do not offer erotic massage.

Let yourself dissolve in the pleasant experience to open not only your body but also heart and soul, book this amazing massage HERE.

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