Kama Marma Tantric Massage

Ayurvedic tantra massage to unblock your sexual energy in the body through an ancient Ayurveda knowledge!

Ayurvedic tantra massage is a therapeutical technique to unblock your sexual energy in the body through an ancient Ayurveda knowledge. In the matriarchy times Tantra, yoga and Ayurveda where all one system until separation occurred. All this knowledge is necessary to gain longevity, deep realization and transformation.

Ayurveda and Tantra combination

Ayurvedic tantra massage is a combination of ayurvedic massage with pressing so called marma points (around 70 000 in the whole body) and temple arts techniques to awaken the sexual energy. Moving the sexual energy with activation of marma points causes cleansing of the blocked energy and rejuvenation of the body.
What are marma points? Marma are energy points in the energetic body that are accessible through the physical body. Life energy is most often blocked in these places. Pressing them in a specific way, releases this energy. The unlocked energy begins to circulate freely in chakras and energy channels, opening the body to new, more sensational experiences. The achieved balance of energy in chakras will affect both your physical and mental health.

Kama Marma Massage includes sensual touch, deep tissue touch and energetic body stimulation. You can book your ayurvedic tantra massage session now HERE.

This is a temple arts massage, also used for the purpose of sexual healing.

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