Healing session

Healing session is beneficial when it comes not only to sexual healing but also other topics that bother you in life, which means this could be anything you would like to change or achieve.

Healing session is a powerful gift to yourself to change your life for better. Only releasing the old patterns or so called old records in the body, we can free the extra space for new beautiful things in life.

Healing session purpose

People come to us with different issues as well as for deep tantric work like Sacred Union, working on masculine and feminine energies, releasing traumas and tention, childhood issues (inner child work), but also releasing and connecting to power.
We work through the intention using Shakti – female energy and Shiva – masculine energy to cleanse all obstacles and issues in a strong space and container.

Our main fuel for transformation

We work with Kundalini Shakti energy – our masseurs have long experience with energy work as well as meditative practice to hold a safe space for the processes.
Our work contains a work with the intention of the client, as Shakti is a manifestation energy it will cleanse all the blockages stored in the cells of the body connected to the intention. The Divine Fire will burn all the obstacles preventing your wish to be manifested, so that you can lead the life you dream about. Other benefit of working with Shakti is that you actually connect to your inner source of Shakti. Through that you will have more energy to create and achieve on the every day basis, as Shakti gives access to unlimited energy resources in yourself.

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