Tantric healing session

Healing session is beneficial when it comes to every topic that bother you in life. As we deal with blockages on the energy level located in the body and mind – all areas of life can be harmoniously transformed. 

Healing session is a powerful gift to yourself to change your life for better. Only releasing the old patterns or so called old records in the body, we can free the extra space for new beautiful things in life.

Healing session purpose

People come to us with different issues as well as for deep tantric work like Sacred Union, working on masculine and feminine energies, releasing traumas and tention, childhood issues (inner child work), but also releasing and connecting to power.
We work through the intention using Shakti – female energy and Shiva – masculine energy to cleanse all obstacles and issues in a strong space and container.

Our main fuel for transformation

We work with Kundalini Shakti energy – our practitioners have long experience with energy work as well as meditative practice to hold a safe space for the processes.
Our work contains a work with the intention of the client, as Shakti is a manifestation energy it will cleanse all the blockages stored in the cells of the body connected to the intention. The breathing technique will softly cleanse all the obstacles preventing your wish to be manifested, so that you can lead the life you dream about. Other benefit of working with Shakti is that you actually connect to your inner source of power. Through that you will have more energy to create and achieve on the every day basis, as Shakti gives access to unlimited energy resources in yourself.

What issues can be addressed in a healing session?

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fears
  • Mental related and body related tensions
  • Restlessness
  • Psychological issues
  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Being disconnected from mind/body
  • Not feeling the core and own center
  • Lack of power
  • Insecurities
  • Grief, anger, afflictive emotions
  • Attachment, impulsive and compulsive behavior
  • Disconnection from feelings (being the person who is in the mind, lost in thoughts)

What healing sessions lead to in the long-term:

  • Manifesting life, being a creator of your life in mystical powerful ways
  • Connecting to life force energy – nuclear power within
  • Being in the flow, transferring from fighting low vibrational 3rd dimensional reality into 4th and 5th dimension of effortless manifesting through surrender and focus
  • Creating sharp focus and clarity in all areas of life
  • High vibrational living through activation and healing of inner feminine
  • Broadening abundance container within to create more abundance outside
  • Activation of inner masculine by women and activation of inner feminine by man
  • Cleansing low vibrational heavy karma and accumulated unprocessed emotions
  • Reconnecting with your inner truth
  • Being master of your own mind and body through embodying full energetic potential
  • Shadow work – embracing unwanted dark parts to transform mud into gold and draining emotions into a powerful ally

How does the session look like?

Before the session there is an intake conversation with delicious tea to discuss your needs and intention for the session. This is the time to ask questions and for the sharing.

After that you are invited into the temple space, specially arranged for rituals only. We start with a short sitting meditation to create the container for your intention. After that you are invited to lay dow on the comfortable materace. The session starts, the therapist will guide you through the breathing technique in case you forget to breath. Healing session is not massage. The purpose is to release blockages and we do that though concentration on marma points and trigger points. There is more energy activation and more intense breathing with sound. This allows unconscious blocks to come to the surface, breath into them and finally release what there is to release.

Healing session has a healing effect and the purpose is emotional cleansing. Obstacles and emotions will arise during the session, or uncomfortable sensations, tensions – that is all normal. While in the massage session we would not concentrate  on the obstacles, here quite opposite – there is a deep concentration on the blocks to release them. Through the breathing technique and sharp awareness the obstacles are purified. After the session there is a sensation of lightness and loosing some weight from the shoulders.

After the session is finished you still have enough of time to integrate and relax. Finally there is a closing conversation and tea.

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