Fire Snake Massage

Snake tantra massage – awaken the fire of passion and open yourself to ecstatic experiences!

We recommend Fire Snake Massage or snake tantra massage to people who have already done some body work and have experience with tantric massages, so that the sexual energy flows freely through their bodies.

Kundalini Shakti awakening

Snake tantra massage is an advanced massage technique of temple sexuality. The main purpose of the massage is to activate the intelligent, multi orgasmic Kundalini Shakti energy, which runs and activates the whole body. It is the energy which embodies extraordinary pleasure, wellbeing and abundance. This energy nourishes the body and polarizing with male energy clears old records from the cell memory. It releases blockages that do not allow you to live in a natural, ecstatic yet harmonious way.

Snake tantra massage technique

Massage is done with a snake like movements. The touch is deep, slow but precise and present. The person receiving is in deep relaxation, allowing to surrender to the fire of Shakti energy, which gradually begins to occupy the whole body. If you wish to experience this tantra massage, you can book your session now HERE.

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