Couples healing session – Heart Wide Open

Couples healing session is a unique experience for you and your beloved one. It is an ancient ritual from Temple Arts to connect on a deeper level with your beloved on the heart level. It allows to get rid of all the negative energy and stress of everyday life.

We are working with Kundalini Shakti energy, which is a life force energy, giving strenght, wealth and vitality. Tantrikas always knew how precious access to Shakti is. It gives you power, abundance, healing. In fact Shakti is also called Divine Feminine. We all have in ourselves an Inner Woman no matter the gender. If we have access to this aspect of ourselves we feel alive, happy, joyfull, full of energy. If not – we are depressed, sad and we are lacking something indescribable in our life. Through years of work with energy we discovered how important it is for people to reconnect with their Shakti energy, their feminine essence. Couple healing session allows you to experience this together and allows to open the heart, which is so important for harmonious relationship.

Experienced tantra practitioners

We are experienced buddhist tantra practitioners, we offer a unique experience due to gathered knowledge, years of experience and heartful as well as a beautifully arranged atmosphere in the Temple. Couples healing session is a combination of breathwork and energetic work. Rather than erotic experience couples healing session is a deep relaxation method which loads the body with vital energy in a very harmonious way. In our temple we respect the boundaries of couples and our own boundaries – before there is always an introduction talk during which you can share your personal boundaries for the session.

Couples healing session – Heart Wide Open

The session of Senses Wide Open couples tantra massage includes the whole body massage. The aim of the massage is to circulate with the sexual energy in the whole body, to load the organism with vitality, which leads to longevity and excellent health if regularly attended.

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