Law of attraction & sexual energy in tantra?

Law of attraction and sexual energy have really a  lot in common. First of all, it is worth to mention that sexual energy in Tantra has much broader significance than it is understood normally in the society. Normally we think of sexual energy as a pleasant state of arousal, which is centered in the lower chakras of the body. Tantra is telling that sexual energy is in every cell of our being. If someone is vibrating with joy and feeling much alive this means that there is a lot of vital energy flowing through his / her energy channels.

Sexual energy is called also as vital energy or feminine energy. Feminine or fire energy is usually called by the Sanskrit name of very much used in tantra word Shakti.

Actually sexual energy rises by the polarization of two opposite sides, which are Shiva – masculine and Shakti – feminine. This creates fire and tension inside the body, we often feel a lot of fire awakening and associate it with our emotions.

Sexual energy is actually a fuel for everything we do in life. If we feel drained or stuck most probable we have some blockages on the body level, which do not allow for sexual energy to move. One of the scopes of tantra massage by the way is to remove those blockages and allow the sexual energy to freely flow through the body.

The more sexual energy we have in our resources and the freer is the energy flow in the body, the more bliss and joy we feel on daily basis. Of course life itself in this state is very light and everything seems very simple, life is beautiful and simple and we attract only nice circumstances and beautiful people.

Law of attraction – what is it?


Law of attraction is just a simple law of the universe, which states that the universe is made by vibrations and we also, and similarities attract similarities. This means that by changing our vibration for example from low prosperity to high prosperity and richness we attract more money and wealth to our lives.

Changing vibration from unhealthy body to healthier and attractive body influences our physical state and we achieve desired results.

Tantra and Tantra massage is much connected to work with intention and vibration, by changing our resonance to what we really want we can achieve and fulfill any of our desires. Of course it is connected to some cleansing of old patterns and old vibrations from our aura or sometimes deep body level. It is known that body is like a hard disc – it hold thousands of information from our past lives or this lives traumas in our DNA. So if we want a deep and stable change, we should search by the roots.

How do we work with intention?


The power of intention in Tantra and Tantra massage session is really a beautiful and powerful tool we use and that works each time we use it. In the law of attraction literature you could find the information about holding in mind the positive outcome brings it to the real life. Well, it’s true – as told emotions are the key, the fuel for wishful filing.  The thing which is a very good news is that the sexual energy is the most powerful fuel in the body, connecting Shakti and Shiva and learning how to use and circulate the energy really makes the process much stronger and faster.

The higher level of using your own power and sexual energy is to connect it with law of attraction, being conscious that you can manifest everything in your life thanks to your inner power. Of course practice makes it simpler to understand and to use. We are here to help you unblock your resources for life and to teach you how to use them.

With sexual energy you can manifest, create and heal anything you want. If you feel the call for this kind of body work, we kindly invite you to the Tantra massage and Healing Sessions we offer in our temple space. You can book your first session here!