What is Kundalini Shakti in Tantra?

If I should be short in words and would have to describe Tantra is about, I would say that it is about awakening Kundalini Shakti. That is of course a big simplification. The main purpose of Tantra is liberation and freedom, so called enlightment. However for that to happen we need a fuel or so called energy, which Kundalini Shakti actually is.

What is Shakti?

Now what most people misunderstand is what Shakti is. I encountered many people who say that Tantra is sex in different Kamasutra positions. That is because of the New Age Tantra. There is a mixture of shamanism, sacred sexuality and Hindu Tantra. This has nothing to do with original tantric teachings. The main concentration there is opening for more pleasure. In Tantra it is about awakening our Higher Self , spiritual growth and healing.

So the concept of Shakti a lot of times is not used, because not everyone has access to the original knowledge and to this energy. Shakti is extremely healing and powerful energy. That is why only developed beings have access to it. What I mean is people who experience transformation and healing themselves. Only people who purified energetic body are able to channel Shakti energy.

Shakti is a creative energy in the universe, which can not be destoyed. It is Devine Feminie Fire. When awakend in the human body it manifests as a powerful fuel for growth and transformation – Kundalini Shakti.

Kundalini Shakti brings healing

One of the main benefits of Kundalini Shakti is healing. When Shakti awakens in the body and starts to move from lower to higher energetic centers all the obstacles and energetic obstacles dissolve. We experience emotional and physical healing.

Kundalini Shakti is prosperity

If we wish to awaken more of abundance in our life or if we feel we are not having enough for some reason Shakti is the answer. Divine Feminie supplies us with money and material wealth.

Sensitivity and authenticity

Other benefits of awakening Shakti is this deep connection with ourselves, which can be experienced. We become highly sensitive beings connected to our inner truth. This is an amazing experience, which can not be translated into words. Tantra massage is developed to awaken Shakti, to get access to this creative energy. It is about being able create the life you want to live in truth and power.