Kundalini activation in Tantra

Kundalini energy is the dormant force, which is located at the base of the spine. I often hear a question about Kundalini activation. How do I awaken my Kundalini?

My response is what for do you want to awaken your Kundalini? Because I would not suggest to start playing with fire if there is not a good reason for that. Meanwhile a good reason can be healing. This energy has an ultimate healing purpose. So if there is a trauma, which drags you down for a long while, Kundalini activation can harmoniously remove it from the nervous system. Moreover Kundalini energy flows through the nervous system and so called chakras.  

It starts to move through the central channel named Shushumna. Finally it starts it’s move from the Muladhara or base chakra and travels to the centers above. Anyway the thing is that most individuals have lots of blockages on all the chakras so there is quite some work to do before we will experience some spiritual awakening. Healing comes first. Old emotions and traumas will pop up. That is why Kundalini awakening is amazing if there is surrender to the process and readiness to digest the mud. We need to encounter our deepest emotions with a bravery of the warrior.

So there should be readiness and courage to feel the deepest pain. Furthermore there should be commitment to the journey. We need to have this warrior inside of ourselves commited to start and finish the process. We need to know that most of us live in numbness, paralysis by our traumas, freedom is out of our reach. 

Awakening of the soul by Kundalini activation

Importantly when Kundalini activation happens there is an awakening of the soul. Suddenly the light is on and the path is clear. 

The energy flows through our being and empowers us from within. In chinese medicine we talk about Chi in Ayurveda – prana. Furthermore the life force energy brings health and prosperity into our lives. In tantra we work with Kundalini energy and it is not the same as sexual energy. In our sessions we are not working with ordinary sexual energy. Mainly the purpose of tantra is deep spiritual awakening and Kundalini is one of the keys to that. It feels as shivers, vibration, spontaneous movements of body parts, feeling of cold and warm, electrical sensation. A sign of awakening and processing blockages is emotional release, for example crying, laughing, experiencing emotional pain. On the body level tensions and blockages are healing. 

Vitality and creativity unfolded

When awakened in the body it is the sacred Kundalini energy. The source of immense creativity. Just like water in the rivers Kundalini supplies the energy to all of our power centers. We are hearing our own guidance from within.

Before opening this energy we need to develop compassion and a kind heart. Otherwise the channel of the heart will be to small and too tensed causing anxiety, fear and heart palpitations. I recommend heart opening practices while opening Kundalini. Excercises from Qigong are very beneficial. This guarantees a safe method and harmony without yo-yo effects.