Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Tantric massage you offer an erotic massage? Does it come to sexual pleasure in this massage?

Tantric massage is not an erotic massage. Tantra massage connects you not only to your sexuality, but also to heart and consciousness. The body and soul both are important part of the tantric session.

There is pleasure and lust involved, because the massage includes all body parts without excluding anything. When sexual energy is awakend, in society we are programmed to act upon it, in tantra massage a crucial part of the session is surrender and letting go of expectations. This opens for reciever a safe space for self-expression, self-exploration and observation. It allows you to dive deep into yourself.

Connecting sexuality with heart and consiousness are a crucial part of our sessions, because it gives an access to a new high vibrational dimention of sexuality to be experienced in a totally new way, which most of us had no possibility to experience before. This allows to rediscover our sexuality as something innocent and fully natural.

In a real tantric massage there is no ejaculation. The touch you will recieve is unique – our massage practitioners are fully trained in mindfulness and meditiation, so that the touch is present, nourishing and honoring.

Are the masseurs naked during tantric massage?

Our masseuses and masseurs perform the tantric massage in a pareo/sarong. In Tibetan tantra path sarong is a crucial part of the session in order to not redirect the client attention toward erotic massage. This allows the reciever to be fully concentrated on his/her experience.

How can I feel after a healing session?

Each healing session is a very individual process. It’s a work with personal intention. A healing session is not a tantric massage.

Up to several days after a healing session may happen different emotions, such as: anger, sadness as well as relief, joy and peace. It’s also possible to experience different reactions of the body such as: little physical pain near intimate area, solar plexus or rib cage. It all depends mainly from the intention on what you want to work. Observe yourself and the reaction of other people on your person.

Often after a session you can feel immediately much better, in bliss – as if a big load was dropped from the body. Because that’s what really happens.

How will I feel after a Tantric Massage Session?

The purpose of tantric massage is to load up the body with vital energy, through which follows a very fast cleansing/healing and which creates the space for pleasure and bliss to come. Most people after a tantric massage session feel more relaxed, light, as if something heavy fell down of them. You can feel that the fatigue and tiredness that always accompanied you, disappears, and in its place comes in positive energy for action. You can feel more love and satisfaction from life.

After a session, family, friends and acquaintances may state that something changed in you, for example that you emanate peace, goodness, sensitivity, or that you are more self confident and have more power.

Will I be naked?

Yes, the session is received in a nakedness unless you have another boundaries.

Do the tantric massage sessions you offer include intimate areas massage?

During the classical tantric massage that we offer, we don’t concentrate on the intimate areas. This means that these areas are touched in order to activate sexual energy and carry it to the heart and higher chakras, but we don’t do a separate massage to intimate areas. For women we don’t make internal yoni massage – we do it during separate release healing and cleansing session.

Of course if you don’t want the masseur to touch intimate areas – this is fine, because your comfort, safeness and boundaries are the most important for us. Before the massage we ask you about your boundaries.

Will I have an orgasm during the massage?

Tantric massage can be orgasmic or even full body or multiorgasmic experience, because we work with feminine Shakti energy. However there is no genital orgasm, goal oriented stimulation or ejaculation – all of those are aspects of masculine Shiva energy. In tantra massage  the scope is to awaken Shakti – the essence of our feminine energy.

Are there any age restrictions in order to receive a tantric massage?

Yes. You should be at least 18 years old.

What is the duration of a tantric massage?

Tantric massage is from 1,5h to 2 hours long. You can choose the length of your session when filling out the booking form.

How can I prepare for a Tantra massage?

  • Please take shower, as there is no shower in the Temple
  • We suggest not to drink alcohol few days before the massage
  • We suggest not to smoke at least several hours before the massage
  • If possible, try to reduce meat and junk food consumption before the massage
  • Intimate area depilation is suggested but not mandatory
  • Be happy and in a good mood

Where do the tantric massage sessions take place?

The massages are done in Amstelveen city. The Temple is situated in a beautiful house with garden. The Temple space is solely used for tantric massages and spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga. The massage is done on a comfortable mattress on the floor.

Can I take a shower at TMA?

There is no shower in the Temple, that is why please take shower at home before the visit. We use 100% pure natural organic coconut oil that will keep nourishing your skin after the session.

Should I bring anything with me?

If you have a pareo/sarong you like, you can bring that with you. Also a big towel if you like (please note that in the pareo/sarong and towel there could be oil stains after massage). If not, no worries, we have everything needed.

Payment method?

Payment by cash or card payment (provision 3%).

What kind of oil do you use?

We use 100% pure organic coconut oil.

How to book a massage?

Please fill in the booking form in our website: We will get in contact with you within 24h in order to arrange the exact date for the massage session or healing session.