How to find a real tantra massage practitioner / real tantra masseur?

It’s really hard to find a real tantra massage place or salon. That is why we decided to share some basics about how to find an authentic tantra in your city.

How to find a real tantra massage?

Under a word “tantra” a lot of things can be covered, basically because there is no knowledge about this topic or it is combined with erotic and very much misunderstood in the society. If you are searching for a tantric massage it is very probable that in the first place erotic services and massages will pop-up on your screen in the internet. Tantra is connected to sexual energy and sexuality but is much broader science than just pleasure and sexual satisfaction. The aim of tantra and tantric massage is to connect to your inner self, to feel bliss in the physical body, to achieve high vibrational states of consciousness. Tantric work helps to connect more to the body, purifying all the blockages and obstacles.

What is Tantra ? What is tantra massage?

Moreover tantra is a path of transformation, which means you can do a lot of inner work, to become a better version of yourself and to uncover all of your hidden potentials. Sounds beautiful? Well, actually we are quite passionate about it, because we use it on a daily basis and this is a path for life, because in order to help people to purify, cleanse and transform tantric masseur should have done a lot of inner work himself/herself. That is why, not everyone can give a real tantra massage and it cannot be just a hobby at a side. Full dedication is needed and a lot of time for self-development and growing. A lot of work and every day practice is needed to become a good and stable container for transformation and create a healing space.

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Main characteristics of Tantra massage practitioner

After all this said let’s review the main characteristics of a real tantra practitioner and tantra masseur:

  • If you check the website and all the faces of the stuff are covered, there is no description of experience gained and no information about the certifications and courses accomplished. This most probably means this place is not a real tantra massage salon or temple. Tantra is about transparency and clarity. As said before – a real tantra practitioner has to have a lot of experience and story to tell, of course there is no need to cover faces.
  • You probably won’t find a real tantra massage, if the website doesn’t contain any knowledge about tantra, a good description of tantra massage. If all the content is concentrated on sexual pleasure, you can be sure this is no tantra.
  • Usually tantra practitioner or experienced tantra masseur offers also healing or dearmouring sessions, or inner work sessions, not only tantra massage. If you see that on the website, it even means that the quality of the tantra massage session is very good and high vibrational, as dearmouring and healing requires a lot of energy work.
  • Check also how experienced is tantra masseur. Does he or she have at least 2 years of experience as full time occupation?
  • As tantra massage purifies energy, tantra masseur should purify and cleanse on daily basis. Buddhist practices in our temple keep hygiene of the space and energies.
  • Meditation is an important part of a real tantra massage session you can check if this will be a part of your session. If not, this is not a professional tantra session. Sometimes there can be a greeting ritual however it is always in meditation form, setting the space for your session.
  • To find a real tantra massage it’s important to know, that there is no ejaculation during the tantra massage. The scope of this kind of tantric work is mainly to circulate the energy in the body and to load body with higher vibration. That is why no discharge is required, you suppose to experience the charge of energy and vitality, which can be used as a fuel for the life goals.
  • Finally, it is important to feel into the person’s energy, it is always recommended to have full trust in your tantra masseur in order to have best effects of the session.

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