Erotic massage and tantra massage – the differences

Erotic massage or tantra massage – the question is what to choose? Many people think of tantra massage as an erotic sexual service. This misleading information is caused by lack of knowledge and also misuse of “tantra” term in the internet for marketing purposes.

We are here to share a bit of knowledge and to let our clients make a conscious choice of a service provided. It is good to know that there are a plenty of websites and massage salons which offer erotic massage under the name of tantra massage.

How recognize that the place offers an erotic massage?


The masseurs faces are hidden, no real names are provided and the website looks anonymous? You can be sure this is not a real tantric massage if people who offer the service are anonymous and hide their identity. Tantra after all is about openness and clarity.

Another point is that in order to offer a real tantric massage a tantric practitioner should have specific courses and workshops completed. You can check on the website which courses did they participate and whether they have gained certificates and diplomas. Also to give a good sessions the person giving a massage should practice tantra and purify themselves regularly. Check if they have a spiritual background and knowledge. For example our team is practicing Tibetan Buddhism, which means we do purification practices on daily basis.

What is an erotic massage?

Now, maybe it is good to share and know what an erotic massage means. This is a service which provides purely sexual satisfaction, sexual energy is used only in order to satisfy client’s sexual needs. There is no consciousness involved in the process. This service is mainly concentrated on body experience and only level of 2 sexual chakra is involved.


What is a real tantra massage?

Tantra massage uses sexual energy to load the body with vital energy, to purify old patterns, stuck energies and emotions in the body and even to grow in power thanks to releasing new energy resources hidden in our bodies. Three energetic levels of consciousness, heart and sexual level are involved. Tantra is a path to make grow our consciousness, open our heart and awaken sexual energy, which is used as a fuel in tantra for growth and development.

Real tantra massage is done and received in deep meditation states, we work also a lot with breathing techniques for this kind of body work, to get in touch with the energy and to learn how to circulate and accumulate it in the body as our life resource.

Tantra was never about pleasure only, it is a way how to manage your sexual energy as your main energy resource.

Sexual energy is so called vital energy, which you use for creation, manifestation of life, it serves to achieve scopes. It can be used for various things beginning from manifesting your life purpose, abundance or it will even lead you to enlightment.

Tantric practitioner knows how valuable are those resources and tantra massage actually is a first step to get to know yourself and your own resources.

Erotic massage is also a service but in the deep essence a totally different one.

As tantric practitioners we know the value of the sexual energy, that is why we think it’s truly a pity to waist it. Instead of pleasure in tantra we obtain higher states which include pleasure but are beyond it, this is actually a feeling of bliss and wholeness. With this words we come to a next level of understanding our sexual energy, which is pure and innocent in it its core.


Is it about orgasms in tantra massage?

So if in erotic massage it is more about releasing stress and tension through genital orgasms and so also losing our vital energy. That is why after an erotic massage we feel relaxed but also very tired. While in tantra massage we also release tension but we load with vital energy to feel strong, energized and good to live a better life. In tantra massage you will not experience genital orgasms instead you could experience energetic whole-body orgasms as a side effect, never as a scope of the session.

Why should it matter if you lose your sexual energy? Did you know that we all have a limited capacity of sexual energy, which means it is really precious and we should really use it consciously? Even if this news can sound a bit bad, it is actually an amazing way to understand that it can work for you. By managing your sexual energy and not losing it with each sexual intercourse or by regularly having tantric massage sessions you can stay young, strong and healthy for much longer time.


So what is the scope of tantra massage?

There are a lot of side effects of tantra massage such as purification of lower energies, stuck emotions and releasing tension. The main scope however is to awaken sexual energy and circulate it in the body in order to load with vital energy whole body.

This leads to rejuvenation of internal organs, cells but also gives us a lot of resources to manifest our lives as powerful beings.

Another scope is to achieve blissful and joyful state thanks to dropping lower energies and getting to higher vibrations.


To sum up… Main points of real Tantra massage

To make a long story short a real Tantra massage is never about pleasure only, it is a deep meditation practice to get to know better yourself to explore your full potential, to awaken not only your sexual energy but connect it also to consciousness and heart levels. It is a practice to purify and feel bliss in the body and mind.

Real Tantra practitioners do not cover their faces, the website is clean and clear with no need for anonymous information or hidden services. The website should provide the possibility to check the profile of the tantric massage practitioner, of knowledge gained, courses finished and diplomas or certificates gained.

How to book a tantra massage session?

If you wish to try this beautiful experience which is a real Tantra massage, we invite you to our space in Amsterdam, you can make a reservation HERE.

Our masseurs Natalia Tenzin Drolma and Dirk Rigzin Kunsang have a lot of experience in spirituality and practice on daily basis in order to perform the best service possible. Natalia has a many years of experience giving tantra massage in Poland in Anahata Tantra Temple. Dirk was studying spirituality and personal development for many years participating in many workshops.