Energetic healing Amsterdam

There are a few reasons why someone would consider energetic healing. General lack of energy, burnout, feeling constantly drained or dragged down and powerlessness are all signs of losing energy. When there is no visible cause we need to see further and dig a little deeper to get back into leading a powerful life. 

Burn out, lack of power and energy

The healing sessions are a type of bodywork we’ve developed over the years and are a combination of a breathing technique and Kundalini Shakti in order to connect to the power within.

In addition, Kundalini Shakti cleanses energetic obstacles in our body and mind but also the aura – the energetic body around the physical one. We are used to maintain our cars, houses and instruments regularly, and some of us do the same already with the physical body, but we tend to forget to do the same with our mind and energy.

Somehow there is a misunderstanding that our mind and body will maintain themselves. Unfortunately this is not the case for most of us so through years of living our minds and energetic body’s are clogged up and overstretched. We find ourselves with less and less energy till the breaking point where we simply cannot continue the way we did. 

Deep insecurity, issue with self esteem

Another direct example of the lack of energy is also very low self esteem. Naturally when our feminine fire or Shakti does not empower our energetic system there is a feeling of incompleteness. We feel week, too vulnerable and sometimes shy.

The energetic healing work we perform in our sessions allows to reconnect with the souls core and strength. You connect with your inner power directly through embracing your fire fully. That is why our sessions are making such a difference bringing profound and stable results.

Healing the inner couple

Love relationships. In a session for healing we work with inner polarities, Shiva and Shakti. Through harmonizing your inner energies, as a natural consequence, there will be harmony and balance in the outside world. In tantra we speak about our inner couple. But what does this practically mean? For example, if you are a woman and you always encounter the same type of man. 

This man could be a wonderful partner for your friend, but you are having issues again and again. The issue you’re encountering is an outside manifestation of an inside issue with the inner couple. There is the root and disbalance and there is the quick, but sometimes painful fix. All the men in the outside world will mirror the inner man for the woman. As an example, the woman meets men that are soft and open at first but when they get to know them they are dominant and harsh. This means that the inner man of the woman is a more dominant one and something needs to be resolved or accepted. This is where the healing comes in. 

What we do in the sessions we work with the inner man to create an inner balance and integrate both inner feminine and inner masculine energies. This is a work that obviously brings great and quite quick results compared to other techniques. In tantra we work with the root of the problem, not with the results. Trying to grow apples on a peer tree is pointless. If you want different fruits, you take different seeds or renew the ground.

Problem with relaxing and enjoying

We live in a goal oriented society and valued mostly by what we have or have achieved. The result of this is that after a long day of work, which means getting tangible results, we continue to operate like that in our free time.

This doing mode creates a lot of tension in the body and over time it takes its toll. Our Shakti and energy does not flow, relaxation is very problematic and even when we want to relax it becomes a task. Our energetical body becomes more closed and we  become more and more numb as it comes to enjoying the little things in life. We seek for bigger and more stimulus to have feelings. 

So we decide to have a moment of self care and decide to go for a massage session. During the massage we already think of what we will eat for dinner and what we will do next, maybe seeing the calender and people that are scheduled then and then. The head never switches off and there is not much we can do about that. When was the last time you felt playfully in the moment and just enjoying some nice company? This is a common issue. It comes from a deep training of mental activity and being in the head and out of the body experience. Through energetic healing we cleanse the obstacles that do not allow you to establish connection with the body. It is a process, but it will change the quality of life for 180 degrees, if done with commitment. A byproduct from a session for healing is that you learn how to reconnect with yourself emotionally and you’ll manage your energy through the day, no matter the activity. 

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