Depression. Energy healing through tantra sessions

Depression. How Tantra looks and deals with this topic?

Spiritual understading of disease

Depression. In Tantra all the illnesses come from the unresolved energetic blockages in our body.  It takes really a lot of time to create and manifest mental or physical disease. Which means we should have neglected the symptoms of our mind and body for too long time. For example it can be something very simple, like not liking the job we do. We get an inner conflict because, anyway if even the feeling is there, we ignore it each day. Finally when our whole being or soul get’s aware we didn’t receive the message, we get the symptoms in mind and body. This is how the illness is manifested in the spiritual understanding. The cause of any disease comes not for physical body, but first it it manifested in the energetic body. It can be manifested as headache, stomach issues or even skin issues.

As we are talking about physical diseases, it is worth to mention the psychological diseases are manifested the same way.

Unconventional ways to deal with depression.

The topic of this article is depression and its roots in Tantric understanding.

Depression is connected to supressed vital energy or sexual energy. Sexual energy is the main life force in Tantra. You can read more about what is sexual or vital energy in THIS article. Depression is literally just stuck sexual energy, so by awakening it in the body, an experienced tantra practitioner can help to heal this disease in a most natural and harmonious way. Depending on the stage of depression we always advice to get supported by our healing session in combination with a professional medical treatment. Of course there can be many causes of depression, usually it is not just one thing. There are multiple reasons. That is why one session probably will not be enough to resolve the issue. However of course there are exceptions from the rule. We had a also clients who has amazing results after only one session.

What are the symptoms of locked sexual energy?

No interest in life


Naturally if the sexual energy is circulating in the human body freely, we feel a lot of energy and are enthusiastic about life. If this feeling is absent or you feel stuck and have no motivation for life, this could mean some energetic blockages. Tantra massage but especially healing sessions can help to dissolve those blockages. In fact the most fast and effective method to deal with depression is awaken the sexual energy in the body.

Symptoms of depression

When feeling depressed the individual feels empty, sad, often it goes together with a feeling of not caring about anything. This emptiness is the total opposite of vital or sexual energy, which is felt in the body as aliveness and bliss.

How tantra massage helps with depression?

Tantra massage loads the body with vital energy, gets it into motion and harmoniously releases energetic obstacles. The aim of tantra massage session is to feel high vibrational bliss in this physical body. This state can be achieved only with a support of experienced and qualified Tantra masseur practitioner. To achieve high vibrational state means simply to feel the natural joy, which everyone of us has inside. The joy and content is covered usually by many layers of blockages, that is why we can’t reach our natural state. Releasing step-by-step all obstacles we can again connect to the natural blissful state of body and soul again.