Circulating sexual energy from pelvic floor?

Circulating sexual energy – what do I need it for? When we are children usually our energy streems very well. We are spontaneous, enthusiastic and joyful being. With time encountering maybe some harsh circumstances and not favourable situations we become blocked and sometimes even depressed.

Emotional body and sexual energy?

This all happens because our life force stopped streeming freely for some reason. When we think of our emotions and emotional body we might not know that it is very much related to sexual energy in tantra. Sexual energy in tantra is nothing else but this joyful energy of life we feel inside, that makes us want to stay on planet Earth. If there is no connection with inner joy and enthusiasm it means that we must probably have accumulated some blocks on our vital energy. What we might also not know – all those blocks are accessible through body level. They are stored in the muscles and muscle tissue.

Liberating pelvic floor

Another quite often encountered sign of inner tension and blockages is the addiction to substances and sex. Because our natural flow of energy is not balanced, the energy which usually had to streem in the whole body is now stuck in lower parts of the body only. That creates a lot of tension, as there is a feeling that we need to somehow liberate ourselves from the tension. No wonder, the pelvic floor has as everything else capacity and it is definitely not made to hold the energy of the whole body.

The vital energy in this case works against us and instead of supporting our life is mostly damaging. From the place of tension we start to create codependant relationships and use substances or people to calm the overheated system.

Why it is beneficial circulating energy from pelvic floor

It is essential to know that the natural state of our being is to be able to feel the energy in the whole body. That is why moving the energy from pelvic floor can be very beneficial for day to day life. There come a lot of benefits as feeling relaxed, energized, fullfilled, joyful, healthy etc.

How we circulate the sexual energy in tantric session?

In tantric sessions the main concentration is circulating sexual energy from pelvic floor to the heart and up. The work includes mindfulness combined with a special breathing technique. In time the body opens for the flow of energy, even hands and head will get the blissful feeling. Than usually an aha! moment comes, where you think that sexuality should be definitely redefined. What happens is that lust and desire transform their quality into bliss, because of being liberated in our entire system. No more are we prisoners of our sexual energy, no more taking desicions from the place of need and tension, in fact the feeling of inner freedom gets born.