How to build Self confidence and Self-esteem

Self confidence and self-esteem where do they come from? Today we would like to share an article with you about how to build Self esteem and Self confidence. Usually people think that it is simply a birth gift or a talent, we assure you it is not. Everyone has the same potential of becoming self confident, radiant and powerful. If we believe that everything we have in life is there because we were born this way, this means we are born and die as the very same individual.

We are the energy field

The truth is we are an energy field, which is in constant dance. This means we are never the same, each second we are a different being. So let’s talk about the topic of self confidence. Why someone is a very assertive and self confident person and someone else not? In tantric approach all the power we have and how much confident we feel are depend on our sexuality. That is right! On sexuality and so called sexual energy. In the article about what the sexual energy is we are explaining what excatly that is from a tantric point of view.

Sexuality, sexual energy and Self confidence

Actually everything we achieve in life is a direct expression of our sexuality or sexual energy. The lack of self confidence is very much related to the sexuality. Do we feel as attractive, free and powerful people? Do we feel sexy and we dare to show it to the world? So positive relationship with our sexuality is a first step to power and self confidence! In tantric bodywork we let the vital energy to open and freely run in our whole body. As a result we might experience all of our hidden potential to blossom as a flower in the spring time. Sexual energy runs through the channels in our body opening up our dormant potential. Usually we do not connect sexuality and Self confidence (sexuality is actually a much broader topic than just sex). That is where the problem starts, as we tend to search for the remedy but never go to the root of the issue. Especially when we are afraid of our sexuality, ashamed or uncomfortable that usually means we are repressing a big part of our being, which empowers us to be strong, vibrant and yes… very confident. Sexual energy as any kind of other energy is a resource. As said before – it empowers us to be authentic, to be in power, to snad up for ourselves. In tantra it is a fuel for transformation and personal growth. The more of the energy we can access in ourselves – the better is our health, wealth and happiness. This is a law of universe and a law of creation.
We invite you to our individual sessions, to recconect with your true self, to unblock your energy, to experience your full potential.