Best tantra massage for women in Amsterdam

Best tantra massage for women can be offered only in a safe environment by qualified massage practitioners. Such things like clear boundaries, making clear the scope of the session and introduction talk are very important. Unfortunately our clients say that the professional approach we use in our Temple, as well as clarity and communication is very rare or even not met at all in other salons based in Amsterdam. This makes our service unique.

What is not a tantra massage? Tantra massage vs erotic massage

It is worth to underline that a real tantra massage is not a scope oriented erotic experience. When it is performed professionally it is a very safe bodywork with clear intention and boundaries. If this is not the case than it is not a tantric bodywork as tantra teachings combine a sharp and clear consciousness with energy work. Most people think that tantra is about being in the constant flow, being energetic and vibrant, but this is only one half of the coin. Clear intention, consciousness, work with intention, meditation, concentration, staying present in the moment – this is the part that most of the practitioners tend to loose in their practice.

Tantra massage is also not about relating and connecting to other people. A lot of times there is a misunderstanding of sexual energy and what is tantra session about, becuase we are not teached of what is a pure sexual energy also known as vital energy.

Most of the times we think that sexual energy is sex, but in tantra from the anxient times the real value and meaning of sexuality was worshipped and known. Actually sexual energy is just a life force from which we are born and which is the source of power in our daily life. It is like a battery which is supporting us on the daily basis. So if we think of the sexual energy as our life force than it is clear enough that it has nothing to do with other people. In real tantra there is nothing more important than connecting to our inner Self and to the power within. The connection with others is always just a mirror of your connection to yourself. That is why in the authentic tantra session the masseur is just supporting you in discovering yourself and your energy. The pure giving touch is a key in a real tantra sessions, so that you can safely surrender to the space.

In a real tantra sessions it is also not about interaction because of the mentioned before reason. The real tantra massage allows you to discover yourself and the masseur is just a skillful spaceholder for your energy without interferring into your process.

It allows the individual to dive deep into oneself and to expand.

What is the scope of the tantra massage for women?

Best tantra massage for women performed in the safe environment allows to expand the life energy and unblock sexual blockages, which are normally holding back in daily life and not allowing to unfold our full potential. If we feel depressed, stresssed, not stable emotionally it can mean that our energy is not in the best shape. Tantra massage is a very helpful tool to come back to feeling good, as this is our natural state.

If there are no blockages in the body than tantra massage is a good method of keeping the energy high and is a good relaxation method. The main goal of the massage is to load body with vitality, to feel blissful and alive.

The tantric bodywork allows to discover new things about yourself, first of all discovering that every human being is an energetic being with a huge potential. We help our clients to discover this full potential and use it in daily life. Sexual energy is a huge generator of energy in our bodies, it gives us power, freedom and joy, when awakend you become the master of your life.

Best tantra massage for women from woman or man?

It is possible to recieve the massage from woman or man. In our Temple we have two experienced masseurs available – Natalia and Dirk. You can check their profiles in the About US┬ásection. Natalia and Dirk are a tantric couple and are happy to support women and men on the way to better and more joyful life full of bliss and nourishing vital energy.

If you would like to book best tantra massage for women you can do it HERE.