Ayurveda massage in Tantra

Ayurveda massage is a unique technique. From anxient times it was known that energy is important part of our body and it influences our wellbeing. In the modern society we forgot about the roots of our problems. We feel stressed, anxious, not satisfied or unhappy without knowing why. The reason for being not in balance can lie in bad energy flow in the body. When our vitality or vital energy doesn’t flow freely, we can feel all of those issues.

Ayurveda is an anxient knowledge from India about human wellbeing. Basically it is about balancing certain body energies to become healthier, stronger and achieve longevity. In Ayurvedic massages so called marma points are used in order to release the blocked energy as well as nadhis are massaged to enable the energy flow in the whole organism. Now connecting Ayurveda with tantric sacred touch gives amazing results. 
In a tantra session the vital energy is used as a fuel for the transformation and together with unblocking marma points it gives beautiful purification effects to the body and mind.

We perform different techniques of tantra massages, however a very special one is Kama Marma tantra massage – combining Ayurveda and Tantra wisdom from many centuries. Ayurveda massage should be tried by everyone who craves for feeling better and be more relaxed.

What to expect in Ayurveda massage?

Tantric touch is present and grounded, Ayurveda bring the anxient knowledge into the space – the combination creates pure magic! In the beginning of the session you will experience meditation and work with your intention. In the Ayurveda tantra massage you will experience pressure applied on specific point in the body connected to vitality and unlocking vital energy. It is a deep healing and relaxing technique. It rejuvenates, stimulates the senses and awakens and opens the body for joy and pleasure!