Awakening of the Sacred Feminine / Holland /Amsterdam

Sacred Feminine is a key ascpect in Tantra. The main purpose of Tantra is becoming more whole and complete. Tantra is called the path of transforming the desire. This happens through creating balance of our inner Masculine and Feminine energies. Finally we are fully liberated from the desire as we do not crave it from the outside, everything we need is accessible inside of ourselves.

Nowadays we live in the Patriarchy times, where the dominating energy is Masculine. That is why for most of the population opening in themselves their Feminine essense would bring a huge relief and feeling of deep fulfillment.

Sacred Feminine, or Divine Feminine is also known as Shakti in Tantric terminology. It is the creative force in the universe, which manifests conciousness into a material form.

Why would we want to awaken the Sacred Feminine?

Being disconnected from the Feminine essense in ourselves is not a nice experience. The deep fulfilment comes only from having both energies active. Unfortunately due to that Feminine energy was supressed for long centuries, a lot of people do not have access to its gifts at all. This creates an imblance in our souls. Depression, anxiety, stress and many other mental and physical problems came to life.

Another benefit of re-connecting with Her is that She is a source of immerse power. Through awakening Sacred Feminine, you become a master of your life. A creator in a human form.

A lot of our clients reported that their business goals and life goals are magically manifested through just a simple act of attending our sessions.

This is of course not an effect of magic, but an outside manifestation of the reactivated energy circulation inside of ourselves. The manifestation of inner balance and alchemy, which is the source of success in life.

How do we awaken the Sacred Feminine in the sessions?

No matter if you are attending a healing session or a tantric massage session – the main purpose of our sessions is the re-connection with the Shakti energy. We were writing more about Kundalini Shakti in our previous article – What is Kundalini Shakti in Tantra?

Using special breathing technique, relaxation and deep surrender are essential to awaken Divine Feminine. Usually a person needs one to 10 sessions in most complicated cases to awaken the inner Fire. Yes, sometimes it is a process, in which we need to release a lot of energetical obstacles.

The benefits of awakening of the Sacred Feminine are unbelievable. She is the source of inner joy, inner wisdom and freedom. Sessions lead to a deep transformation of life on all possible levels – spiritual, physical and emotional.