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Amsterdam massage center was our dream for a long time. We are a tantric couple on the Buddhist Tantra path, united by love but also a deep need of spiritual growth. We create a harmonious Amsterdam massage team, which performs tantric body work.

The fruit of this union is this sacred space and our mission is to share great benefits of tantra and tantric massage to bring love and healing from the level of our hearts. We also encourage people to step into their power, which lies in discovering the unbelievable potential of the sacred sexual energy.

Amsterdam massage tantra team - Natalia

My spiritual path began in 2008 with the practice of hatha yoga. Originally I’m from Ukraine and I lived in Poland for past 11 years, where I came to study international relations but ended up with studying myself as well as esotericism, spiritual and personal development.

After some time I discovered the Tantra pathway, starting with Tantra massage and Temple Arts, I came across greatest fulfillment, which I found in the traditional teachings and practices of Tibetan tantras. To me Tantra is a path of personal development through raising awareness, broadening consciousness, integrating all layers of the human being and most of all through the transforming power of the shadow work. My great desire is to connect the whole structure of my being with my heart to go beyond my personal desires and serve the planet and people.
Thanks to all my teachers I met in the past years, not only have I discovered Tantra but also met temple techniques of working with body and sexual energy. The mentioned techniques are extremely valuable because they allow you to get to the source of your problems so you can achieve surprisingly fast results, such as recovering from traumas and growing in power by integrating all of your hidden potential.

I specialize in tantric massage, work with intention, shadow work and sexual healing. One of my deepest desires is for humanity to unite itself with the female essence and to be able to feel and live more from the level of their hearts.

Now being lucky and happy to be in Amsterdam massage team with my partner Dirk.

Natalia Tenzin Drölma

Amsterdam massage tantra team - Dirk

Spirituality was always an important part of my life, even if I didn’t imagine at that time where it would guide me. In 2005 I started to become interested in eastern philosophy. Eastern philosophers writing about live and love, gave me the feeling of being understood.

I started studying forestry, philosophy and music, and spent time on taking care of physical or mentally challenged people, aside I started handling composing my own music with more importance.

The path of Tantra began with tantric courses, and courses like reiki and body dearmouring, which first broadened the understanding of my true self, my horizon and made me realize what was valuable to me. I found that touch is so important to all living beings in terms of healing and feeling good, so I decided to dedicate my time and learn more of how I can also serve others. This was the beginning of dedicating myself to the path of personal growth and transformation, which basically meant in my case becoming a buddhist tantra practitioner.

With one who can hold the space and one who has the intention to transform, a sacred space arises which I would like to share with others for their benefit. I specialize in tantric massage – a beautiful way to heal, feel more love and connect to the current moment.

Dirk Rigzin Kunsang

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